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I am an ink artist currently based in Yakima, Washington, where I live with my husband, three children, and assorted cats and chickens. I specialize in continuous line work and pointillism, occasionally incorporating watercolor into my pieces as well, most of which depict human figures and natural elements. This is how I draw, but it is not why.


To be human is a complicated endeavor. We are mammals, members of the animal kingdom and inextricably tied to our fellow creatures and the world we share. And yet the parts of our being that link us most closely to the natural world and our creature selves are the parts that we often avoid: our instincts, our fragility, our beautiful mortality, our deep belonging in a cosmos so vast as to render us almost nonexistent. As an artist, my task is to reveal something of the human experience, and to me that means drawing this fundamental contradiction and connection. I often work in single unbroken lines as a way of responding to our inescapable interdependence on other living things, and I choose to depict people in direct, abrupt relationship to nature or to their own bodies. In the end, the unsettling reality that we are merely creatures is the very thing that binds us tightest to this world we love, and to one another. This is what I draw, and this is why I draw, too.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing shows, commissions, or illustration work.

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My work has been at The Yakima Valley Museum, Basalt Roasters, Collaboration Coffee, and Gallery One.